Do you believe that everything in this Universe has an opposite?

With the cold comes hot.With soft comes hard.With happiness comes sadness.

… and so on.

The law of polarity states that everything has an opposite. Everything in the Universe is two-sided.

That also means everything in our lives is dual in nature. Additionally, two opposites will always exist on the same plane.

Are you following?

Now, you’re probably wondering what the law of polarity has to do with your manifestation process.

It is simply telling you that there is always a positive for every negative thing in your life. And I’m telling you, the road to manifestation isn’t a walk in the park. Also, you only have a positive desire.

And in the law of polarity, it comes with a negative desire.

So, what’s the problem?

It’s important to know about the law of polarity because it’s always at play, and in the law of attraction, what you focus most on the most will show up in your reality.

Combine these two laws together, and you get something like this:

Intention > focus > attract the WHOLE situation.

What does that mean?

You attract the opposite of what you desire, too!

In that case, your power of focus will be put to the test. Despite the law of polarity at play, you need to work to focus all your energy on that one that you desire.

Think of it like the two sides of a coin. What side you focus on is all that you’ll see.

An excellent way to work with the law of polarity and the law of attraction together is NOT to disregard the negative side of your desire.

It’s crucial you keep in mind the opposite because only then will you be able to notice when your thoughts drift toward the negative things that will steer you away from what you want.

When you know the opposite of your desires, you know exactly what to avoid. In turn, this will power up your focus even more.

There will be times when it’s challenging to see the positive, but you have to be determined to see it.

However, as you begin to understand the law of polarity, it will become second nature to look for the opposite in every situation that arises.

Reverse Polarity

Have you heard about reverse polarity?

Reverse polarity is when both things are matched. This is best used by individuals who have a difficult time getting out of that negative resonance. Sometimes, we all need something to pull us out of the rabbit hole.

And that’s when reverse polarity MUST take place.

Reverse polarity requires some work, and I have just about the right tool to help you master it. Click here to get the New Happiness Code.


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