2021 is number 5 in Numerology. A Universal Year means that everyone on earth will experience the energy of a certain number throughout the entire year.

As we turn the page to a New Year, even without resolutions, there is a pull of profound energy shift that all of us feel. So, how will a Universal five year affect us collectively?

Expect the unexpected this year. The energies of the numerology 5 are volatile and exciting. It is calling us to explore the true meaning of freedom. An air of uncertainty will still linger this year, yet there are opportunities for making significant changes. This year, we won’t only rock the boat, but our boats will be rocked.

Despite the collective energy of a Universal Year, you still have your own personal year for 2021.

Here’s how you can get your personal year:

Add your birth date, birth month, and the number 5 together.

Reduce the digits by adding them together until you come up with a single number between 1-9.

Personal Year #1

The personal year 1 is all about new beginnings. In 2021, you will have a more independent approach to get things done. You have a desire to move forward and improve situations in your life. Know that the Universe has your back, and this is the right year to move towards your goals.

Personal Year #2

If you have the personal year 2, your focus in 2021 will be about relationships and team projects. You will be given the opportunity to strengthen your relationships. In the workplace, you will feel a stronger sense of diplomacy to strengthen professional bonds. If you have broken relationships, consider this year the perfect time to make efforts to repair them.

Personal Year #3

For individuals who have this personal year, expect to feel more creative and inspired. The energy represented by personal year number 3 resonates a boost in creativity. Take advantage of this year to express your creativity. Likely, you will have a colorful year ahead of you.

Personal Year #4

If you have the personal year number 4, this year will be all about your career and building a strong foundation for your future. The personal year number carries with it energies for a resourceful and pragmatic year ahead for you.

Personal Year #5

Just like 2021 as a Universal Year 5, your year will be more about you expressing a sense of freedom. You will find yourself getting out of established habits and behavioral patterns that no longer serve you. So, if you’re thinking of making changes in your life, it’s all because of your personal year’s influences and this year’s universal year number.

Personal Year #6

The personal year number 6 is all about domestic affairs. In 2021, you will be pulled into your family-related responsibilities. You will also find yourself spending more time with your loved ones and appreciating each moment you spend with them. You will also experience feelings of goodwill.

Personal Year #7

Prepare to be more introspective in 2021 if you have the personal year number 7. Finding more time to learn new things and study will be your biggest desires this year. Moreover, you will likely immerse yourself in personal introspection; leaving you more critical this year. Don’t resist the energies, though; if you feel pulled to it, it’s because the Universe wants you to be at that state for the greater good.

Personal Year #8

Consider 2021 a year for achievements. Individuals with personal year number 8 will feel a strong pull to achieve more this year. Generally, the year brings a desire to better one’s financial condition. If you feel like saving or wanting to get your finances in order, it’s all because of the influence of your personal year number.

Personal Year #9

The personal year number 9 resonates with humanitarianism. Expect to feel more compassion this year and less judgmental. You will likely find yourself more eager to support individuals and companies that are dedicated to the benefit of humanity.

Keep in mind, every year, your personal year number changes.

Every New Year comes changes to aspects of your life. Embrace them; after all, change is always good.

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