If only we could wave a magic wand and make 2020 disappear, we would!

While that isn’t possible, we can still work on a better year, even if it’s only on a personal level.

What better way to do this but with the help of crystals!

Crystals are known to carry significant powers that can protect, heal, and aid with manifestation. They are perfect to wear, carry or even have around your home or office.

Here is the list of 2021 crystals you might want to get to power your year!

1. Clear Quartz

Get clear on the path you want to take this year and take the clear quartz with you to help you see the right direction. Clear Quartz will bring light to your desires and clear the confusion, which will let you reach a higher state of consciousness. Use this crystal when you are feeling lost and need more guidance.

Do you want something you can wear? Check out our Clear Quartz OM Bracelet.

2. Agate

All of us experienced a lot of juggling the past year—family, work, relationships, etc. 2020 has even made it more challenging to juggle these three. In 2021, a powerful stone to have that will create balance in your life and make “juggling” things much easier is the Agate.

Agate, which belongs to the quartz family, is a popular stone for healing. Aside from that, it’s a powerful stone for rebalancing the body, mind, and spirit. When you are balanced, it’s easier to balance the other aspects of your life. The crystal can improve mental function and concentration, creating more balance and harmony in your life.

3. Black Tourmaline

Staying grounded is always important, no matter what year it is. After what happened in the past year, a lot of us may have been pushed to the edge that being grounded has become an afterthought.

Now is the time to make an effort to stay grounded. Being grounded can keep you safe and protected, especially after an intense year. Therefore, black tourmaline is a great crystal to use this year.

With its pitch-black color, black tourmaline carries intense energy that can absorb negative energies without compromising its own energy. With that, it can protect and clean you and your surroundings.

Wear the Black Tourmaline wherever you go. Get the Black Tourmaline pendant now.

4. Pyrite

Also known as fool’s gold, this crystal can help you attract wealth and abundance. Aside from that, it will help you radiate your worth and make you a money magnet. Now is the best time of the year to start sorting out your finances and finding ways to bring in more wealth.

Pyrite’s power helps you get rid of limiting beliefs about yourself and help find your true capability that will allow you to create your prosperity.

Shift your energies this year—feel more confident as you move in a new direction and have comfort during the hard times.

Have these crystals in your arsenal this year.

Love and light.


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