When was the last time you said you wanted to do something, but you didn’t take any steps to make it happen? You just said it, and even shared it with a bunch of people that time.

For us to manifest our desires, there needs to be a set intention. Setting an intention is easy, but keeping at it is the challenging part.

Another thing is that a lot of people treat intentions like New Year’s resolutions in which we set the same intentions year after year but don’t really make an effort to work on them for our manifestations to come true.

It’s true that where our intention goes is where our energy flows. However, there are many times in our lives that we are not mindful of where our attention and intentions go.

If you want your intentions to work, they should be aligned to your heart, your words, and your actions. There’s no place here for any wishy-washy kind of vibe because it is completely up to you to get the wheels turning to help you reach what you want to achieve.

Another reason we don’t get to do what we say we were going to do is because we are unable to let go of our desired results. We keep asking the Universe for what we want, yet we send out frenetic energy to get it instead of letting the diving bring is to us at the right time.

I believe that one of the most important things to make our intentions come to life is to purify it. It’s a straightforward approach that you can do anytime.

Identify what you truly want and need.
Maintain a soft focus with your eyes and start to focus on your breath.
Breathe deeply for a few rounds.
Start to envision your life as you were meant to live it. Basically, envision your intention coming into life.
Do this for a couple of minutes until you feel every emotion—until you’re on a high and your mood has been somehow lifted because of that visualization.

After this, on your vision board or on your journal. delete the old stale things that don’t represent what you saw.Create a new visual or verbal representation of any new intentions you have and then let go.

You can do this purification every time you catch yourself going against what you want to manifest into your life. Or the times when you get too caught up with your life that you forget that you have set an intention you want to come to life.

After the short meditation that I have listed above, that’s the best time to plant the seeds of your intentions then.

Have you tried cleansing your intentions? Refresh your intentions to stick to what your heart truly desires and let divine timing work its magic.


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