>We are now well into Taurus season (April 19 – May 20th 2021) but what does that mean for you?

After the fiery energy of Aries season, Taurus envelops us with slow, earthy, and loving energy, helping us to pause, reflect, and unwind.

The sun moving from Aries to Taurus means the energy changes from Cardinal to Fixed.

Cardinal is linked to new things, moving energy, and inspired action. Fixed is linked to solid stability and focus.

Make no mistake though, Taurus is not about putting your plans on hold, it emphasizes moving forward in a way that is sustainable and practical.

All of your plans, new beginnings, and fresh ideas can still gain momentum.

Taurus season just urges you to remember self-care and wellness, to be willing to adjust the details of your personal and work routines, and bring some grounding energy to all that you do.

Taurus still gets things done but in a more practical way.

Taurus is an Earth sign with Venus as its ruling planet. It is the first of the three earth signs of the zodiac and as mentioned, it’s a fixed sign.

Those qualities mean Taurus is here to provide reliability, groundedness, and also the chance to have a little pampering.

It is a great time to establish a routine that works for you, put your plans into steady action, and also carve out time for a little luxury.

I’m going to share with you some of my favorite ways to honor Taurus Energy in my life and routines as we flow through the rest of April and into May.

Cleanse your Throat Chakra

Taurus rules the face, neck and throat and it’s a good idea to work on clearing any energy blocks in your throat chakra to encourage free expression and a pure flow of energy.

Try visual meditation: Imagine a blue light healing, bathing, and clearing your throat area.
Wear blue crystals (turquoise / sapphire) close to your neck.
Try singing, expressing yourself on paper, or vocally when alone.
Ensure that your communication is mindful and honors your truth.
Yoga poses such as chest expansion, cobra, neck rotations can help to relieve tension in this area too.
Take care of your neck by ensuring you have a good posture as you sit at your desk. Ensure that your eyes are level with the top of your monitor and that you’re not hunched or bent over.

Mix Self-Care and Indulgence

Treat yourself in a way that actually nourishes your heart, body, mind, and soul.

I like to learn new recipes that are both healthy and decadent with a variety of ingredients or things that I would not normally spend time cooking for myself.

If you normally eat the same lunch or dinner, switch out your favorites for something new and take time to enjoy preparing it, and eating it.

Head to a farmer’s market or health store to get inspiration from colors and fragrances.

Why not even make it extra special with a beautiful table layout? Or take yourself and a friend or partner on a picnic, and connect your meal to being outside in the fresh air.

Taurus is all about finding magic in the mundane. Finding a way to revel in earthly delights, while still being healthy and true to your needs.

Make time for yourself where you may normally rush, for example in the shower or bath, or during your morning or wind-down routine.

Linger in a hot tub with essential oils, dry brush your skin in the morning, take time to light a candle before bed, and write down the things you are thankful for.

If it’s possible where you are now, book a massage or other therapeutic treatment.

If you find any of these things hard to initiate, ask yourself why it’s difficult for you to prioritize yourself?

Investing in your wellness is always going to benefit you, in the short and long term.

Re-establish Your Routines

Aries season may have really ignited your creative fire to get things done, but Taurus season is all about being realistic and practical about your methods.

Get a notebook and some pens and write a solid, grounded plan for the next month for yourself. Include practical steps to achieve your goals and things you can do each day to forward your dreams proactively.

For example, if your goals include things like “manifest a new house”, “write a book”, or “earn more money”, they are obviously big, life-changing dreams that are also a little vague.

You need to break these down into actionable steps for yourself so that they become real!

You could figure out a way to increase your income a little this month and start looking at property listings and getting ideas for your vision board and meditations.

You could plan how you are going to write your book, breaking it down into chapters, and creating realistic deadlines for yourself.

Make your dreams become tangible things you can work towards. When you do this, you send a message to the universe that you’re serious!

Miracles can occur, but you have to be willing to align yourself with them.

Be wary of the following:

Taurus energy can be stubborn and this particular Taurus season has some powerful planetary alignments, full of surprises and awakenings which might trigger your stubbornness even more.

Stay strong, firm, and grounded but also be open to whatever the universe is showing you.

Try to be curious and willing to embrace new perspectives and ideas, go with the flow and you will have an easier ride.

The main message from Taurus Season is — Be productive, take action and prioritize yourself!

You can practice the affirmations:

I am grounded and calm.

I am balanced and whole.

Abundance flows easily to me when I am grounded.

I connect to life with joy.

I know my innate potential.

I have absolute faith in my success.

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