If you ever feel stuck because life is throwing curveballs at you left, right, and center, you might like this little gem of a worksheet.

My friend, Jace, recently put it together after an encounter with his friend who was feeling overwhelmed at what life was throwing at her.

Stress is a fantastic motivator.

But too much of this stuff can leave us wanting to run under a comforter and shut out the world.

This isn’t a bad stress response but it can leave us feeling powerless when, in fact, we can do things to change how we feel.

And why is it important that we feel in control?

Because when we are feeling our best, we accomplish more and we attract the things we want in our lives.

So, have a go at this sheet.

The beauty of it is that you get a snapshot of all the different areas of your life.

And you write down one thing you can do to find balance and control in those areas.

Sound easy? You’re absolutely right.

But it’s powerful.

And you can use it anytime you feel bombarded with things going on in your life.

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