Calling all empaths!

Did you know that using crystals as protection can be a highly effective part of your spiritual toolbox?

An empath is someone highly sensitive, someone who tends to pick up on and absorb other people’s energy, moods, thoughts and feelings without realizing it or intending to do so.

You’ll know you are an empath if you feel that your mood can swiftly change depending on the people you are around or situations you are in that involve large groups of people, huge crowds, loud noise, and many external stimuli.

If, like me, this resonates with you — you’ll know that you need lots of alone time to reconnect and ground. You will crave time to recharge your batteries and rest.

When I am around large groups making lots of noise, say at a large party or street festival, I can certainly enjoy the fun of the occasion, but I will undoubtedly feel drained the next day due to all the conflicting energy I have absorbed.

Depending on my state of being, I can even feel somewhat exhausted after hanging out with just a handful of people.

I notice that I need to spend time in nature or by the water. IN some cases, I find re-grounding myself the following day with a calming, healing ritual very helpful.

Empaths may also notice that some kinds of music or movies can also affect their energy negatively.

I find that even observing yelling or fighting on tv can make me feel tight in my chest and uncomfortable. I never watch horror films for the same reason!

Those energetic experiences are just not helpful to my soul.

Sometimes though, life makes it such that we cannot choose who we spend time with.

Perhaps we have a boss who makes us feel this way or a family member.

The toxic energy that comes from being around irritated, angry, or narcissistic people can be incredibly detrimental.

If we ignore the fact that we get drained and fatigued, we have our own spiritual, emotional, and even physical health negatively impacted by these experiences.

In short, empaths need to learn how to protect themselves.

I believe that the more grounded you are, the more often you practice meditation, and the more attuned you are to your inner self, the easier you will be able to discern when you are being knocked off balance by external factors.

Aside from setting boundaries and practicing self-care techniques after experiencing toxic energy interchanges, there are things you can do to protect yourself.

Enter the healing powers of crystals!

I love my crystals and stones for their calming, re-energizing, and restorative qualities and their miraculous power to heal and soothe.

With their ability to store and emit energy, crystals hold ancient powers from our planet within them that can provide protection as well as guide you through challenges and help you navigate a myriad of situations.

These are some of the best crystals that I can recommend for empaths to use as protection, whether in the midst of a challenging moment or at home during meditation to recharge.

You can benefit from the harmonizing energies of these crystals by carrying them, wearing them, or simply holding them and focusing on the purity of their high-frequency vibrations to cleanse you of chaos, sadness, and any and all heavy emotions.

Black Tourmaline

This stone acts to shield you protectively, removing toxic energy and cleansing your aura.

You can use it to purify yourself from any negative energies you may have picked up, helping you to heal and ground yourself again.

This crystal also strengthens you and balances your energy, boosting vitality and intuition so that you can put boundaries in place where needed to help protect yourself from energy vampires and toxic dynamics.

If you feel as though you have absorbed any negative energies from the collective through social media or world events, this stone also works to free you from those fears and anxieties.

Personally, I have used it in my pocket for years, especially when coming into close contact with people I find draining. It also shields you from any harmful radiation from your computer or other electronic devices.

It’s a powerful crystal to help keep you in touch with your inner self and gut instinct, connecting you to that innate sense of guidance within.


One of my favorite crystals for its deeply calming and healing purple color, Amethyst is also a high-frequency stone that offers strong protection for empaths.

Amethyst vibrates with positivity and peace. It can help you to release the stresses of your day and come back into harmony with yourself.

If you work a lot with other people in a position of care or counselling, this is a beautiful crystal for you that will help prevent burnout and the overwhelm that comes from taking on or listening to other people’s problems.

I like to think of my Amethyst as a spiritual tonic for me when I get in after a trying day.

It’s my go-to stone when I need just to sit quietly and relax again, allowing the power of Amethyst to infuse me with peace and clarity.


I’ve talked about Citrine before because it’s truly something I can’t live without. The yellow/orange stone radiates a happy, positive energy that brings success and joy.

It has a reassuring quality that can greatly benefit anyone experiencing stress and challenges that they cannot control.

I recommend taking a piece of citrine with you into difficult situations.

Its calming, balancing energy will provide you with protection and grounding until you can be alone to recharge.

Just holding it in my palm always seems to bring me a much-needed boost of positivity and the power to get through anything.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is what I call my magic crystal.

It has a universal healing power that amplifies the positive qualities of all other crystals and gemstones close by.

I like it precisely for this reason and because it has the ability to purify and cleanse any feelings you might be having that you are even unaware of!

Sometimes, as an empath, you might just feel weighed down and sad for no apparent reason. Your own life is going well, but the collective negativity of the outer world can have an impact on your energy.

Clear Quartz can fill you with peace, tranquility and harmony with its uplifting frequency.

It is a very high vibrational crystal that will also develop your psychic skills and help you reach a higher state of awareness spiritually, due to its close association with the Crown Chakra.

This crystal is fast-acting and works to support healing on all levels, mental, emotional, spiritual and physical.

You can use these crystals to help clear your mind of negativity, bring peace, serenity and calm to your being again.

If you want to use them to meditate at the end of a challenging and emotionally draining day, simply hold your crystal or place it near you and focus on inhaling love, harmony, and deep connection to the Earth, while you exhale feelings of panic, fear, sadness, and anxiety.

Imagine each cell of your body being charged with the love, light, and purity of Universal Source energy.

Feel it washing over you, creating a sphere of protection all around you, a shield of divine light.

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