Are you one of the few people who had a taste of manifesting what you wanted?

Perhaps it wasn’t a large item or something that seemed so, but it was a moment when everything was going your way.

It was effortless, easy, and perhaps even unexpected.

You had creative ideas come to you, and you were intuitive to the happenings around you.

You seemed to be in tune with the Universe.

You asked for something, and suddenly it appeared. You didn’t know how but it did.

You questioned the paths in front of you. Which one were you to choose?

Both paths felt right, but you could only choose one.

And somehow, deep down in you, you knew that you were going to be fine whichever way you chose. You knew everything was going to work out in the end.

You were one with the Universe, and it was conspiring to propel you into the heights you were shooting for. But then you lost the flow.

As if you were ripped out of this Utopia and sucked into a portal — A portal of reality.

You are left wondering how you get back to that state because that’s the state we should all be operating in.

Believe it or not, this state is not difficult to slip back into.

Maybe you have a spiritual practice, or perhaps you don’t.

But scientific research shows what happens when we have a spiritual practice, whether through meditation or immersing ourselves in certain sounds or through a religious practice; It all leads to a state our brains go into.

You might have heard the Theta range. You know of the Alpha and Beta states, but what of Theta?

Why is Theta what we want to achieve?

When you get into this state, you perform at an effortless level.

Your stress and anxiety levels decrease, and you begin healing.

Your body begins to relax, and the constant mental noise and distractions are barely audible.

Your intuition sharpens, your creativity flows through you, and you come up with brilliant ideas after brilliant ideas.

You are once again performing at your optimum.

This is that elusive state where once everything fell into place.

Often called the bridge between the conscious and the subconscious, science is only discovering a tip of this phenomenon.

To get into this state in 15 minutes, join us as we uncover how this frequency is the first step to the bridge.

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