When we get sad or something bad happens to us, we react with anger, sadness, or cry. In some situations, we dwell on the issue for days until it eats us up.

Sometimes it could go for weeks. Months. Or even years.

We get stuck in that specific energy that hinders us from manifesting.

One of the things that helped me make significant energetic shifts in my life is to accept that I am human.

That I may not fully detach from my ego, feel a lot of emotions, and be attached to certain results in my life to deal with the emotional wounds and negative feelings in my life.

Indeed, our mind or the ego may never be able to stop doing what it does, but we change our relationship with it.

When manifesting, a lot of things can get in the way; one of them is the ego. Although it won’t completely stop the manifestation process, it can slow down the process.

The problem with this is, your ego will not satisfy what your soul needs. It’s because the ego has a set of goals that it wants to meet; and most likely, these goals don’t mean anything. When this happens, we go crazy trying to make all different things happen.

Furthermore, when your ego wants something, it will set out trying to make it or take it. Your ego is not who you are, and when it gets what it wants, the happiness and whatnot are short-lived.

Keep in mind: Your ego is always trying to fill a void that can’t be filled.

In turn, it leaves the ego to go on and try to make things happen, even though it’s not something that will satisfy you long-term.

The Ego & Your Soul

Now, if you really want to know who you really are, then you should look within. Your soul is who you are.

The problem with your ego is that it can distort your soul.

For example, if your soul seeks love, but your ego has been hurt by what it believes to be love, the ego will repress these feelings of love to feel safer.

But when you manifest from your higher-self, or your soul, it will let you create experiences that don’t serve your ego self. Instead, you attend to your highest path.

When you manifest from your soul, you will trust the Universe that your desires will come to you at the perfect time.

This is because when you work on a soul level, you surrender fully to the guidance of the Universe.

Here’s a simple guide to practice Soul Level Manifestation:

Ask yourself what your soul wants to show up in your life.
Write down your concerns and fears that ego brings to your mind.
Ask yourself the truth in the situation from the deepest part of yourself.

Remember, you are a creator.

You can create the things you truly want if you manifest on a soul level.

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