Did you know that your physical health and wealth go hand in hand?

When you experience true physical health, it’s likely that your ability to manifest greater wealth is massively increased.

When you feel good, have higher energy levels, and are free of anxiety, you see your self-worth increase. When your self-worth increases, you are more likely to have the confidence to ask for a raise, charge higher rates for your services, and value your talents and unique gifts.

Having your health in order means it’s easier for you to get your finances in order too. Leading a healthy life means you are more aligned with higher vibrational energy and the frequency from which to attract and manifest greater financial abundance.

On the contrary, worrying about money has been associated with various health issues, from lower back pain to prolonged stress, weight gain, diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.

It’s been proven that in times of recession and financial crisis, there are higher incidences of depression, mental health issues, and an increase in blood pressure in the population. Prolonged stress triggers the overproduction of cortisol which is related to weight gain and various diseases.

In short, money is tied to our basic will to survive.

As humans, we are hardwired with the desire to feel safe and secure, and money is a huge part of that need. If we experience financial struggles and health issues, we can fall into a vicious cycle, for the two are so connected.

Unless we have a clear plan of action, we might remain in this cycle of struggle for the rest of our lives.

So, what should your plan of action be?

Being in a healthy body should be a top priority for you.

When you take care of yourself, things are much more likely to fall into place for you. Having a healthy body and feeling great is 100% linked to your productivity levels and mindset towards everything else in your life.

Speaking from experience, when I started treating my body better, improving my diet and fitness levels, all aspects of my life improved. I had more energy when I woke up in the morning, an increased desire to get to work, and felt way more motivated to reach my goals and manifest further dreams.

If you are in a position where you want to improve both things at once, I recommend that you create a plan for yourself.

When you want to get in shape, you look to fitness gurus and instructors to help you. You know you should exercise more and eat more whole foods that are healthy for your body.

In the same way, looking to get your finances in shape requires that you take action steps to inform yourself about how to progress in the best way for you.

I recommend you start small and then grow the plan as you see the expected improvements.

Let’s take five days of your life: Monday – Friday

You will do one thing each day to improve both your health and your financial situation. I want you to treat them together at the same time.

Stop avoiding what you are afraid of.

This applies to your health and money issues. Instead of avoiding the bills and avoiding taking action on your health, you are going to implement small and steady changes.

Day One

You are going to move your body for an extra ten minutes today, whether it’s a walk or a quick movement class.

That’s all you have to do, just ten extra minutes of exercise.

You are going to identify what in your past experience has defined your limiting beliefs about money.

What beliefs were handed down to you from your parents or education that have limited your ability to manifest money? Write it down.

Day Two

You are going to incorporate an extra smoothie or juice into your diet today. Whether you buy it or make it at home, it doesn’t matter. Just make sure it’s packed with fresh, nutrient-rich fruit and vegetables.

You are going to accept the fact that money is important and it is not a bad thing to believe that. Money is an essential part of life, and it touches all aspects of it. We have been hardwired to believe that rich people are bad or that money brings evil.

To change this belief, write down all the ways that money brings positivity to your life and the lives of others.

Day Three

You are going to set goals for yourself for both your physical and financial health.

Write down three ways you can improve your health over the next month.

Write down three ways you can start to work on your finances over the next month.

Focus on small, action-oriented steps that you can take and write them down in a way that inspires and motivates you. Pin them up where you can see them every day and remember to commit to them.

Day Four

Today, you will make sure you get 20 minutes of extra time outside in the fresh air. Take this time to be mindful, quiet and enjoy a peaceful walk in nature if possible.

Today you are going to do research and educate yourself on financial issues. This might mean talking to a money expert or financial advisor, listening to podcasts on saving, or reading articles online about making small but savvy investments.

Day Five

Today is about visualization for both health and money.

You are going to picture yourself in the future, imagining the way that it feels to be wealthy, healthy, and living a life of abundance.

You are going to fill in the details of how your daily routine goes, what your diet is, how you spend your time and what you look like.

Really feel into the specifics of this visualization for both health and wealth and employ the law of attraction here to help you create your future reality now.

If it resonates with you, you could create your own affirmations, vision board, or set some intentions with a citrine crystal or crystal of your choice.

So – that was just five days of working on small but crucial steps to improve your life in the health and money arena. If you can keep that going, you will soon see significant changes.

There is nothing more empowering and thrilling than observing your wealth and health change for the better. Feeling yourself in a happier, fitter body and watching your bank account grow and grow is the best sensation!

My wish for you is to create this for yourself and to stick to your goals. Feel the confidence and firm belief within you that you deserve the financial freedom.

Allow yourself to have both of those things right now, today.

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