Do you want to gain clarity about your purpose in life, and learn what would really make you feel fulfilled? I know that sometimes that drive to understand yourself and how to improve your life can be overwhelming. We live in such a noisy world, constantly being bombarded with images, messages, and calls to action for a million different things.

The irony is that even if these messages call us to be healthier, wealthier, happier, more spiritual, more content, etc. all that noise and information overload become too overwhelming that they prevent us from being our best selves.

Often, I have to put down my phone and disconnect, particularly from social media and reconnect with what’s actually going on inside my brain. We don’t even realize how often we are taking in external stimuli.

A good friend of mine the other day asked me how he could control his social media habits. He told me that he often found himself simply scrolling mindlessly through his social media feeds without any real intention or awareness. He found that he spent far more time than he thought he did doing this and was actually quite horrified at the amount of time and energy he wasted.

I told him what I want to tell you today. Instead of trying to eliminate these kinds of (by the way very common) habits and behaviors, the answer to gaining control of your time and energy is to focus instead on your purpose.

When we gain clarity on our purpose in life we stop directing our attention and energy towards things that don’t beneficially serve our purpose. We become far more aware of how we are spending our time and realize that we can become much happier and more productive with a few simple changes to our routines.

Remember, it’s not selfish to want to find purpose and fulfillment.

It might seem like indulgence to want to find out your purpose, but honestly, it’s actually the only thing that really matters if you want to live a happy, healed, and joyous life on this planet. When you are someone who lives a purpose-filled life, you are not only helping yourself but the whole world. You have the power to create radical shifts in the world when you follow your vision, find fulfillment, and follow the road to your authentic self.

Imagine a planet where everyone knows their purpose and works towards fulfilling their happiness. We would have a lot of healthy, healed, and positive adults walking around. Following your purpose does not mean striving and having success by the way, not in the way you might be imagining it.

You do not have to be a top celebrity, a famous actor, or a prize-winning author. You can be a mom and have purpose, you can bake a cake, and have purpose, you can be a gardener, a doctor, a train driver, a designer, a school teacher, a flower-arranger. You get the picture. When you carry light as your authentic self, you don’t have to fit some ideal of perfect. You help the world by being yourself, who you were meant to be in this lifetime.

How to Find your Purpose?

Tapping into your intuition regularly is key. You can use various tools to help find that deep sense of fulfillment and discover your purpose in life.

This might look different for everyone. For me, it involves certain rituals that I do every single morning early before the sun rises and everything starts to fill up with the noise of the world.

Early Morning Rising

If you have trouble putting aside time or waking up early, make this a non-negotiable part of your day, just as if it were a doctor’s appointment or a meeting with your boss. Put it into your calendar. Treat it as the important thing that it is. Believe me, you won’t regret it and after just a week of doing this, you will find it easier to stick to. After a month, you will find that it’s simply become part of your routine, like brushing your teeth.


Start with just 5-10 minutes if you are a beginner. You can use any kind of guided meditation or visualization that you like. You can also just sit in silence and let your breath guide you into a stillness of mind.

In my experience, it’s a great idea, to begin with even just a few minutes of silence so that you can experience tapping into your higher self before you start the day. Think of this time as getting to know yourself. Becoming best friends with your intuition.


I like to just allow myself anything from 10-40 minutes to write free-flow in my journal. You can begin with recounting a dream you had, or write down the plan for the day. You can write a memory that you recall from childhood or make lists of things you are grateful for.

Just let the ideas and the words flow forth from you, think of it as a kind of brain dump. Morning writing allows you to put down on paper anything and everything that’s important to you at that moment. You are not trying to be Shakespeare here! This is a process for tapping into your higher self and learning to understand who you are on a deeper level.

It’s a way of allowing your brain and your soul to connect, and doing this in the morning really takes advantage of that special time when you first wake up and you haven’t yet started worrying about the day ahead.

Spend Time Alone Throughout The Day

Some people are afraid to be alone. Some people can’t even sit alone to eat a meal without having their phones nearby to start scrolling. I believe this has been vastly exacerbated by our digital age and devices that seem to hold everything we could ever need inside them.

Try to spend more time on your own without distractions. Whether that is taking a walk outside, without listening to music, or a podcast. If you want to just sit and think, daydream as you stare out of the window – don’t feel guilty doing it.

These are all important ways that we live as humans. Daydreaming leads to creativity. Silent walks lead to great ideas. All of these things that we do alone boost our sense of self-worth and resilience.

The takeaway?

Spending time alone in quiet reflection and connecting to your inner self is key to discovering your purpose in life. Trust that your authentic self already knows everything you need to know.

You just need to uncover it again.

These exercises will help you to work your intuitive muscles. The outside noise of the world will soften and quieten down and you will hear your own inner voice the loudest.

Once that happens, your purpose-driven path will unfold in front of you.


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